Californian company Zero Motorcycles brings the next evolution in riding to Savile Row

Zero Motorcycles represents the evolution of motorcycling, and it is bringing this taste of the future to the heart of London for Concours on Savile Row, which takes place on May 22-23, 2024.

By melding traditional bike attributes with cutting-edge technology, Zero crafts high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, quick off the line and thrilling to ride. Each machine is meticulously engineered to harness the revolutionary Z-Force electric powertrain, and features a specially crafted, rigid, aircraft-grade aluminium frame to minimise weight.

What began as a visionary concept in a Santa Cruz, California garage has swiftly burgeoned into a globally recognised motorcycle manufacturer. The outcome is trailblazing motorcycle innovation available for ownership today. Since the brand’s inception in 2006, when the first prototypes emerged, Zero has beckoned motorcyclists to experience the thrill first hand – after all, some things are best felt rather than described.

Zero Motorcycles will be proudly present the SR-X concept, the newest addition to its Design the Future Development Program, crafted in collaboration with Huge Design. This initiative brings together top-tier designers and engineers alongside the Zero team to redefine the possibilities of electric motorcycles.

Bill Webb from Huge Design has been instrumental in shaping Zero’s forward-looking vision. He previously influenced the FXE motorcycle by crafting its concept-bike precursor. The SR-X represents his latest visionary endeavour, and underscores Zero’s dedication to groundbreaking innovation. This semi-faired concept bike highlights Zero’s cutting-edge electric powertrain while embodying both performance and aesthetics.

Meanwhile, inspired by advanced aerospace engineering, the SR/S boasts a sleek aerodynamic fairing and captivating silhouette. In line with Zero Motorcycles’ ethos, this meticulous design not only exudes style but also elevates highway efficiency and range by 13 percent compared with the acclaimed SR/F. Featuring a more upright and relaxed riding posture, the SR/S offers a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Driven by the cutting-edge Cypher III+ Operating System, it ensures a seamless and revolutionary riding encounter, with every premium Cypher Feature included as standard, ready at your fingertips. Embark on the ultimate riding odyssey with the SR/S.

To find out more about Zero Motorcycles, head here.