Dugdale Bros & Co

For 128 years Dugdale Bros & Co’s passion has never changed. We value quality and attention to detail above all else. We are proud to have used these rare skills in the heart of Yorkshire to design and manufacture a range of exceptional cloth for over a century. Our designers and makers have captured the spirit and heritage of centuries of weaving, and have brought a thoroughly modern interpretation to the elegant classics used by the world’s finest designers and tailors.

In 1896, Henry Percy and Frederick Herbert Dugdale established their cloth merchants business in Huddersfield, the centre of Britain’s fine worsted industry. Dugdale remained in the family for two generations, through prosperous times and perilous war years, until it was later acquired by Keith Charnock and now chairman Rob Charnock. Today, as well as our Huddersfield HQ, Dugdale Bros is located at 15 Clifford Street where our showroom offers the same charm and privacy of our previous Savile Row address, but with added space and style. Boasting a range of bolts and bunches from our collections, including Spring Jacketing, Undyed Suiting, Fearnought, and our latest collection New Fine Worsted Peerless, our showroom also stocks a curated selection of vintage cloths and one-off bolts from our archives. Displayed proudly on a vintage cutting table brought all the way from Dugdale HQ in Huddersfield, these are available in limited quantities and represent some of Dugdale’s finest heritage cloths.