Bennett Winch

Every Bennett Winch product is handmade in England. Using traditional skills and materials, we engineer accessories tailored to a contemporary world. Our products are designed for the discerning minimalists; those who shed all surplus in pursuit of true quality.

Our singular focus is to create the products we need but can’t find. We are not driven by seasonal trends or fashion, inspired instead by objects of soul and purpose. We believe true quality is timeless; if you buy well, you need only buy once. Everything we make in our two workshops in England is guaranteed for life as we favour the sometimes forgotten art of fixing things over throwing them away.

We operate on a skeleton crew of like-minded, trusted individuals who believe that creativity conquers all. We do the work ourselves; design, make and road test the products, shoot the campaigns, score the music and write the script, all in restless pursuit of good adventure.

Website: Bennett Winch