Unique Austin J40 Pedal Car to shine on Savile Row


Austin Pedal Cars partners with luxury clothmaker Holland & Sherry to present an exclusive Austin J40 Continuation Holland & Sherry Edition pedal car. 

Designed and built exclusively for the 2024 Concours on Savile Row, this diminutive Austin features a Holland & Sherry interior using a cloth especially designed for the very special, one-off machine. The exciting collaboration demonstrates how the finest Savile Row tailoring can enhance the elegance of a classic car.

The Austin J40 Continuation is an exclusive model in its own right, presenting an exquisite interpretation of the much-loved classic J40 pedal car. Brought back to life by Austin Pedal Cars, it combines modern technology with traditional principles, its flowing lines evoking memories of 1950s style, but with 21st century enhancements that bring it into today’s world. 

Launched at the Concours on Savile Row, the one-off Holland & Sherry Austin J40 is a truly bespoke creation, from its hand-formed aluminium body to its tailored interior. This Austin J40 would be the perfect addition to any classic car collection, but could also be used as a stunning display piece in the home. 

Concours guests are invited to view the Austin J40 Continuation Holland & Sherry Edition at the Holland & Sherry showroom, where a number of classic and Austin J40 Continuation models will also be on display. 

The Holland & Sherry Edition will be available to purchase, each owner receiving an individual consultation with Holland & Sherry to specify their own bespoke interior.

Austin Pedal Cars is the world’s only dedicated Austin J40 pedal car sales, service and restoration specialist, remanufacturing every J40 part, undertaking concours-level restorations, selling the finest classic J40 pedal cars and manufacturing the J40 Continuation. 

With restoration workshops in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and a unique J40 showroom situated at the heart of renowned classic car centre of excellence Bicester Heritage, Austin Pedal Cars serves every aspect of the global J40 community. The company recently published the Austin Pedal Cars Story book, now regarded as the definitive history volume on these famous British cars. 


Since 1836, Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths in the world. It is constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibres and fabric qualities. Holland & Sherry has been an intrinsic part of Savile Row since 1982.