Kawasaki brings two-wheeled hybrid and electric power to Concours on Savile Row


The brand-new Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z e-1 are set to star at 2024’s Concours on Savile Row, bringing cutting-edge motorcycle technology to the heart of London.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid is the first motorcycle of its kind, able to blend commuter city use with a full-fun weekend ride personality, plus a quiet, zero-emission demeanour for residential areas or parking garages – and to enter restricted-emissions areas. 

The Ninja 7 is powered by the Strong Hybrid power unit, which combines a 451cc internal-combustion engine with a traction motor to provide an overall output similar to that of a 650cc machine. With e-boost activated, the Ninja 7 can out-punch a Ninja ZX-10R from a standing start. Marshalling all this power is a six-speed automated manual transmission that offers a fully automatic (EV) mode, manual button-shift and an eco-hybrid option. The chassis has been specifically designed to package this new technology in a way that lives up to Kawasaki’s tradition for agile handling; the hybrid power unit is contained in a lightweight trellis frame.

There are three different drive modes that allow the rider to tailor the performance to his or her needs. SPORT-HYBRID opens up the full performance of the 69PS machine with ICE and electric power, while ECO-HYBRID dials back the ICE unit and EV power for better economy. Low-speed short-distance EV mode is for zero-emission zones. The bike doesn’t require plugging in to charge, as that’s done via the internal-combustion engine.

Kawasaki is also bringing along one of its first road-going EV bikes, the Z e-1. Rated at 5kW (9kW max), it provides similar performance to a 125cc ICE motorcycle, with a 49mph top speed for open-road riding, and 34mph in ECO mode for city sorties. Its dual lithium-ion batteries weigh a mere 11.5kg each, and off-board charging can be done by connecting the bike to a household outlet-powered dedicated charger. The batteries can also be removed for charging, with a full replenishment taking 3.7 hours, and 1.6 hours to go from 20 percent to 85 percent. 

The Z e-1’s e-boost function allows for extra power for 15 seconds, cutting down acceleration times and increasing top speed. When parking, the WALK mode opens the throttle to walking pace, while closing the throttle past the zero point moves the bike in reverse. 

The Z e-1 uses a chassis based on that of the Ninja/Z400 motorcycles’, allowing for agile performance and light manoeuvrability. The machine weighs only 135kg. 

You will be able to see both motorcycles in the flesh at Concours on Savile Row, which takes place on Wednesday May 22 and Thursday May 23, 2024.

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