Get ahead with Mister Miller’s headwear solutions

At the Concours on Savile Row 2024, where classic cars and exquisite craftsmanship converge, Mister Miller‘s hats perfectly cap off the narrative of elegance in motion. Designed for discerning men and women alike, his hats are not just accessories but companions for the open road.

Master Hatter to the Peaky Blinders, Miller brings more than 30 years of hat-making experience to his craft. Tailored for every season, his summer styles feature crisp linens, cottons and Japanese seersucker. As the seasons shift, enjoy the luxurious warmth of fine cashmere, Harris tweeds and Merino lambswool, ensuring comfort all year round.

His styles cater to every occasion: waterproof driving caps with ear flaps for chilly drives, classic sailor hats in eccentric colour combinations, oversized bakerboys in homage to the jazz world, newsboy flat caps, bucket hats and Ecuadorian woven Panamas for sunny days.

For those desiring a personal touch, Miller crafts bespoke hats with monograms and incorporates special photographs silk-screened into the lining.

Each hat is a chapter in a wearer’s personal story, a testament to journeys taken and the timeless pursuit of beauty and functionality.