Fresh takes on classic recipes – EV specialist Everrati returns to Savile Row

Everrati is to return to Concours on Savile Row in partnership with Gieves & Hawkes, presenting two takes on iconic automotive designs that benefit from forward-thinking propulsion.

Everrati believes car culture is very much alive, and that as individuals we crave models that are icons of our past but no longer emit toxins or CO2. Its approach is to restore a classic utilising the car and skills from marque specialists, but to marry the result with an EV drivetrain that is not only much cleaner than the internal-combustion engine it replaces, but also gives much greater performance.

Everrati works meticulously to respectfully preserve the original character and ‘feel’ of its redefined icons, focusing on immersive and engaging driver experiences. Its Mercedes-Benz W113 SL ‘Pagoda’ is an excellent example of this ethos, offering levels of performance comparable to the original model’s, if not beyond it. Mercedes-Benz specialist Hilton & Moss enhances the electrified driving experience by restoring each vehicle from the ground up. Stripped down to a bare chassis, repaired and sealed for decades of future use, then meticulously built up again using original, refreshed parts where possible, the result is a car that’s more perfectly finished than even the day it originally left the factory.

Everrati then adds its touch, with a 68Kwh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control, EM-grade 3 phase AC motor, custom single-speed 1.90:1 gearbox, custom-designed dials that show vital information while maintaining an ‘original’ appearance, and regenerative braking. Using computer-aided design, the Everrati conversion is close to the original weight and weight distribution, which structural rigidity is maintained and the work is reversible. The conversion provides 300bhp, 0-60mph in seven seconds and a range of more than 200 miles.

The Everrati approach is also exemplified by its take on another automotive icon – the Porsche 911. For Concours on Savile Row, the team will be bringing along a 964 Signature Edition that, as with the Pagoda conversion, uses marque specialists to full refresh the donor car. It’s then handed over to Everrati, which installs a 62Kwh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control, custom differential, navigation, DAB+, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, Porsche-inspired five-gauge cluster dials, Tractive electronically adjustable suspension and controller, and much more besides.

While the crucial weight and weight distribution that gives the 911 its unique flavour has been retained, the power from the new drivetrain is almost double that of the base car, at around 500bhp. That means 0-60mph in four seconds, with a range of around 200 miles.

For this year’s Concours on Savile Row, Everrati will be hosted by Gieves & Hawkes at no. 1 Savile Row. The company was formed from two famous military tailors: Gieves, founded in 1785, and Hawkes, founded in 1771. Gieves became a celebrated supplier of the British Royal Navy, and Hawkes of the British Army. In 1974, Gieves acquired Hawkes and moved from the flagship store to Savile Row in 1975, to become known as Gieves & Hawkes. In 2014, the William Kent-designed grand London townhouse, the company’s home for more than 100 years, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment.

Gieves & Hawkes is one of the most iconic and esteemed houses worldwide in tailoring, menswear and military dress.

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