Concours offers a glimpse into craftsmanship with AoHE

Words: Nathan Chadwick | Photos: AoHE members

Concours on Savile Row is the perfect showcase for the process by which beautiful clothing and cars are created – not merely the finished product. As such, it provides unprecedented access to the tailors for a behind-the-scenes peek into how bespoke clothing is created.

As befits an event in which craftsmanship plays a key role, the Association of Heritage Engineers (AoHE) will showcase engineering, fabrication, instrumentation and trimming, hosted by several tailors. This not-for-profit membership organisation was founded and run by Dominic Taylor-Lane to promote and facilitate the cascade of legacy artisan skills through generations.

Classic vehicles were the AoHE’s original focus, but with time the skills-gap issue has gone far beyond that remit. Its scope has expanded to meet demand and, in collaboration with Heritage Crafts (formerly The Heritage Crafts Association), the association is striving to create the equivalent of a ‘National Trust’ for hand, artisan and engineering skills.

See Harry Fraser’s trimming skills in action at Ozwald Boateng.

By encompassing a broader and wider interest, the AoHE feels specialist areas can be more resilient and relevant. Its involvement with Concours on Savile Row aims to show exactly that, with upholstery trimming in particular representing a skills crossover between tailoring and automotive, while working with instrumentation shares a clear path with watchmaking, or horology.

Catch Zoe Childs at Scabal, where she’ll be doing fabric-printing and design demonstrations.

You can witness Harry Fraser’s trimming talents at Ozwald Boateng, while Zoe Childs will do fabric-printing and design demonstrations at Scabal. Seth Kennedy, meanwhile, will display his watch-case and engine-turning skills at Henry Poole.

Be sure to watch the three skilled engineers in action, as well as talk with the AoHE’s Dominic Taylor-Lane about the opportunities available in heritage engineering.

Additionally, TV antiques and classic car expert Drew Pritchard will appear on the main stage on Thursday afternoon – he’s an AoHE ambassador and is passionate about retaining traditional skills.

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Seth Kennedy will showing off his watch-case and engine-turning skills at Henry Poole.