Building The Legend E-type Reimagined

Owner: Building The Legend  Hosted by:Gieves & Hawkes

Building The Legend has forged its name with its 1966 Le Mans Prototype evocations, and it has now focused its attention on 24 bespoke takes on the Jaguar E-type. The bodystyle and finish are said to be limited only by the owner’s imagination, with each one hand-crafted with a blend of traditional skills and cutting-edge tech, in coupé, speedster, roadster or low-drag racing-car form.

At the heart is a version of BTL’s Tera quad-cam V12 in either 6.1- or 6.8-litre form. This has been inspired by the howling V12s from Ferrari that screamed around the Le Mans circuit, and the missed opportunity for Jaguar to follow up its straight-six success in endurance races with a V12. The engine is an evolution of the latter concept, with between 350bhp and 650bhp available. The green car pictured above has a 550bhp 6.1-litre engine, for instance.

The cars’ bespoke nature continues elsewhere, with a vast range of options to tailor everything to your needs, from interior creature comforts to chassis and running-gear upgrades.

Power: 350-625bhp  Top speed: 180mph+  0-60mph: 4.0 seconds or less (est)