2025 Langen Lightspeed

Owner: Langen Motorcycles

Limited to 185 commissioned builds, the Lightspeed is testament to the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that Langen Motorcycles puts into every hand-crafted machine. With its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette, the Lightspeed is the perfect symphony of design and power. Each one is unique from the ground up, and hand-built to order only.

The beating heart of this bike is an awe-inspiring 1190cc V-twin engine, a result of the collaborative engineering prowess of Buell Motorcycles and Langen. It produces 185bhp at 10,600rpm, and has been precision-mapped to provide the rider with exhilaration and engagement throughout the rev range.

Thanks to extensive use of carbonfibre and CNC machining, the Lightspeed weighs a mere 185kg – meaning the bike offers 1000bhp per tonne. Langen can also change the metals and anodising, allowing the possibility of colour-matching an individual motorcycle to a customer’s favourite possession, such as a jewellery item. Langen can go even further, too, by matching a bike to a cherished car or racing livery.


Power: 185bhp | Top speed: N/A | 0-60mph: N/A