2024 Zero Motorcycles SR/S

Owner: Zero Motorcycles Hosted by: JP Hackett

By melding traditional motorcycle attributes with cutting-edge technology, Californian company Zero crafts high-performance electric machines that are lightweight, efficient, quick off the line and thrilling to ride. Each SR/S is meticulously engineered to harness the revolutionary 17.3 kWh Z-Force electric powertrain, and features a specially crafted rigid, aircraft-grade aluminium frame to minimise weight. Inspired by advanced aerospace engineering, the bike boasts a sleek, aerodynamic fairing and a captivating silhouette.

In line with Zero Motorcycles’ ethos, this meticulous design not only exudes style, but also elevates highway efficiency and range by 13 percent compared with the acclaimed SR/F. Featuring a more upright and relaxed riding posture, the SR/S offers a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Driven by the cutting-edge Cypher III+ Operating System (with the opportunity to customise your dashboard options), it has a claimed range of 161 miles, and can charge at 6kW or 12kW with the optional Charge Tank accessory.


Power: 113bhp | Top speed: 124mph | 0-60mph: 3.0 seconds