2024 Untitled DTP

Owner: Untitled Motorcycles Hosted by: Davies & Son

Can the fundamental principles of motorcycle design be reimagined? Should the rider’s interaction with the bike change? These were the questions Adam Kay, the founder of Untitled Motorcycles, pondered when conceptualising an urban electric machine. Adam’s vision stemmed from a sketch inspired by a robust MTB frame he rode decades ago. With a desire for versatility and aesthetics, he opted for 50mm tubes, a departure from conventional petrol motorcycle frames.

Transparency was key: Adam aimed to showcase the inner workings of the DTP, eschewing panels for visibility of the motor, battery and controller. Collaborating with product designer Jack Lennie, he refined the design, culminating in CAD drawings ready to be made into metal. With the frame in hand, Adam meticulously integrated these major components, employing adjustable brackets for precise chain alignment.

The DTP prioritises urban enjoyment over long-distance travel, acknowledging the inherent limitations of electric vehicles. Adam is committed to transparency regarding the bike’s range, intending to launch a limited production run following extensive testing and regulatory approval.


Power: N/A | Top speed: 55mph | 0-60mph: N/A