2024 Mercedes-Benz S680 GUARD

Owner: Mercedes-Benz Hosted by: Henry Poole

Mercedes-Benz has been building special-protection vehicles since 1928, and the manufacturer’s new S680 GUARD 4MATIC benefits from these many years of experience. The integrated protection system (iSS) is a new innovation – whereas previously, protective materials were integrated into the standard bodyshell structure, in this instance a GUARD-specific bodyshell of protective elements has been developed. This self-supporting cell represents the core of the iSS. The aluminium outer skin serves as a design shell and ensures an inconspicuous appearance.

In addition to the armouring, the iSS includes special adaptations to the suspension, engine and transmission, to ensure handling virtually on a par with that of a normal S-Class. The V12 has an output of 612bhp and a displacement of 5980cc, while the maximum torque is 830Nm from 2000rpm. This engine is combined with a four-wheel-drive system for the first time; torque distribution is 31 percent to the front axle and 69 percent to the rear.


Power: 612bhp | Top speed: 118mph | 0-60mph: N/A