2024 Langen Two Stroke

Owner: Langen Motorcycles Photography: Adam Shorrock

The Langen Two Stroke has been developed by engineers and technicians with high-level experience at Triumph, McLaren, BAC and Honda. At the heart of the Two Stroke is a 250cc powerplant born in the Ferrari factory, starting life as a personal project of engineer Vincenzo Mattia. He went on to set up Vins Motors in Maranello, and then helped to develop the Two-Stroke’s unique characteristics with Langen.

The unique fuel injection and mapped oil-injection system were evolved to create a reliable, powerful and clean-burning two-stroke GP engine. The base unit is extremely strong, and this DNA is prevalent in the Langen – even down to the tone of the engine as it climbs to nearly 13,000rpm. Meanwhile, the Two Stroke’s chassis is constructed from lightweight 7020T6 tubular aluminium developed with the help of the ex-Spondon gurus at GIA Engineering.

With only 100 machines being produced, each Two Stroke is as individual as its rider; the bike is tailor-fitted and customised to the owner’s size, weight, riding style and aesthetic taste.


Power: 76bhp | Top speed: 130mph-plus | 0-60mph: N/A