2024 Kawasaki Z e-1

Owner: Kawasaki

The Z e-1 is one of Kawasaki’s very first electric motorbikes. Rated at 5kW (9kW max), it provides similar performance to a 125cc ICE motorcycle, with a 49mph top speed for open-road riding, and 34mph in ECO mode for city sorties. Its dual lithium-ion batteries weigh just 11.5kg each, and off-board charging can be done by connecting the motorcycle to a household outlet-powered dedicated charger. The batteries can also be removed for charging, with a full replenishment taking 3.7 hours, while going from 20 percent to 85 percent takes 1.6 hours.

An e-boost function allows for extra power spurts for 15 seconds, cutting down acceleration times and increasing top speed. When parking, a special WALK mode opens the throttle to walking pace, while closing the throttle past the zero point moves the bike in reverse. 

The Z e-1 uses a chassis based on that of the Ninja/Z400 motorcycles, allowing for agile performance and light manoeuvrability – the Z e-1 weighs just 135kg.


Power: 9kW Top speed: 49mph 0-60mph: N/A