2024 Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid

Owner: Kawasaki

The Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid is the first motorcycle of its kind, able to blend commuter city use with a full-fun weekend-ride personality, along with a quiet, zero-emission demeanour for residential zones or parking garages. It is able to enter restricted areas, too.

The Ninja 7 is powered by the Strong Hybrid power unit, which combines a 451cc internal-combustion engine with a traction motor to provide an overall output similar to that of a 650cc machine. Marshalling all this power is a six-speed automated-manual transmission. The chassis has been specifically designed to package this new technology in a way that lives up to Kawasaki’s tradition for agile handling; the hybrid power unit is contained in a lightweight trellis frame.

There are three different drive modes. SPORT-HYBRID opens up the full performance of the 68bhp machine with ICE and electric power, while ECO-HYBRID dials back the ICE unit and EV power for better economy. Low-speed short-distance EV mode is for zero-emission zones.


Power: 68bhp Top speed: N/A 0-60mph: N/A