2024 Formula E GEN3

Owner: Formula E Hosted by: JP Hackett

Say hello to the Formula E GEN3 – the world’s fastest, lightest, most powerful and most efficient electric race car, specifically designed and optimised for street racing.

It features a disruptive aesthetic inspired by the aerodynamic form of a fighter jet, designed to challenge the conventions of motor sport. It is the world’s most efficient race car, generating up to 50 percent of the energy it uses in a race through regenerative braking. It boasts 350kW of power, delivering breath-taking speeds on streets in some of the world’s most iconic cities, including Tokyo, Mexico City, Berlin and London.

The GEN3 sets a new standard: it is the world’s first net zero carbon race car in the world’s first net zero sport, showcasing cutting-edge technology that can be directly transferred into the latest road vehicles. Software engineering is now a key battleground for performance gains, with upgrades delivered directly to the advanced operating system.


Power: 402bhp | Top speed: 200mph | 0-60mph: N/A