2023 RML Short Wheelbase

Owned by: RML Hosted by: Holland & Sherry

The Short Wheelbase is the latest project from RML, a name synonymous with British motor sport, but it is far from the first car the company has produced. RML has undertaken more than 30 whole-vehicle programmes over the years, most of which are ‘white-label’ and confidential. 

Few projects stir the soul quite like this, however – and that’s just looking at the specifications. Under the bonnet lies a naturally aspirated Ferrari V12 powerplant with 485bhp on tap, delivered to the road via a six-speed open-gate manual gearbox.

Each car is bespoke, hand-crafted by RML’s technicians to create much more than a ‘mere’ restomod. Each vehicle features carbonfibre bodywork over a luxuriously appointed interior that has enough head- and legroom for drivers of two metres in height. It’s not just a history piece, either; inside the cabin you’ll find a ‘hidden’ satellite-navigation system, air-conditioning, a full-blooded hi-fi and smartphone connectivity. There are even cupholders, for those long, decadent trips across the continent.


Power: 485bhp Top speed: 180mph 0-62mph: 4.1 seconds (est)