2022 Czinger 21C

Owner: Czinger/HR Owen  Hosted by: Norton & Sons

Say hello to the Czinger 21C – it’s the first public showing of the car in the UK. This hybrid is at the sharp edge of hypercar design; not only does its in-house drivetrain have the most engine-dense internal-combustion unit with a huge combined 1233bhp, but it’s the first car to be 3D printed.

Every 21C is designed with a patented human-AI combination, with each part optimised for performance, weight and packaging. The car weighs only 1250kg dry, but the way the parts have been designed in the same manner as in nature, there’s excellent rigidity and strength, too. The result is gobsmacking performance: it’ll blast from 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds, with 186mph arriving just 6.6 seconds later.

Just 80 21Cs will be built, with two versions available; a high-downforce configuration or a low-drag variant. Both are powered by Czinger’s in-house powertrain, and will be built to the bespoke needs of each customer. www.czinger.com

Power: 1233bhp  Top speed: 253mph  0-60mph: 1.9 seconds