1972 BMW 3.0 CSL

Owner: Horizon Classics Hosted by: Gieves & Hawkes

The CSL was designed with one mission in mind – to dominate the European Touring Car Championship. 

To allow the racing car to compete, BMW had to build road-going versions of its lightweight take on the E9 CS. 

It produced 1265, of which 500 were built in right-hand drive. They used aluminium alloy for the doors, bonnet and boot lid, and thinner-gauge steel elsewhere, while the side windows were made from Perspex. Much of the soundproofing and luxury trim items were also stripped out. 

Although the plan was successful – the CSL brought home six European Touring Car Championships for BMW between 1973 and 1979 – the road cars have survived in only tiny numbers, thanks in part to their lightweight construction. This particular example is an original UK-delivered, right-hand-drive model. It was fully restored over a period of ten years, before spending time in Spain. During the work, the car was fitted with period wider Zender Group 2 wheelarches and front spoiler. 

Power: 203bhp Top speed: 138mph 0-60mph: 7.5secs 

Photo: Virgiliu Andone