1971 Monteverdi 375L

Owner: Richard Head

It took a strong personality to call Enzo Ferrari’s bluff – and a titanium-reinforced one to try to take him on in the automotive business. Peter Monteverdi was that man, and this very rare car was the result.

When Enzo demanded that Monteverdi buy up to 100 Ferraris up front or risk losing the right to sell the marque in Switzerland, Peter decided to build his own car. The model would be reliable and easy to use – something Peter’s Ferrari clients found lacking about Maranello machines – and built for high-speed GT cruising across Switzerland. It would also steer sharply, for the tight and twisty mountain passes.

The resultant 375L used Detroit muscle to provide meaty performance – its 7.2-litre Chrysler V8 had plenty of in-gear performance. Inside, the interior was designed to be sporty yet luxurious; Peter Monteverdi once said his cars were rivals to Rolls-Royce, rather than to Ferrari.

This particular model was found in Switzerland, and driven back across Europe by the current owner, and it was recently featured in Classic Cars magazine.

Power: 310bhp | Top speed: 142mph | 0-60mph: 8.0 seconds