1962 Facel Vega Facel II

Owner: Steve Groves  Hosted by: xxx

French company Facel Vega manufactured aircraft parts during World War Two, but post-war it eventually evolved into making its own exclusive performance cars using large American engines. The high-powered Facel II grand tourer was launched in 1961, and this 1962 example was purchased new by Sir Arthur Frederick Pullman Wheeler, having appeared on the dealer’s Earls Court Motor Show stand.

705 CUT was one of just two right-hand-drive High Output manual models built with a larger, 6765cc Chrysler V8 and manual Pont-a-Mousson gearbox. Unusually, its aircraft cockpit-inspired interior trim boasted actual wooden veneer; the II usually featured painted metal that looked like wood.

This elegant car’s history has been traced through various owners, colour changes and technical modifications, and it was finally restored in 1997 by Romance of Rust, including a respray in Rolls-Royce Peacock Blue. Over the next two decades it passed through several more hands before the current owner acquired it and returned it to the London-based restorer for further work, including reinstalling the original – and thought long-lost –twin four-barrel carburettors. www.romanceofrust.com

Power: 390bhp  Top speed: 150mph+  0-60mph: N/A

Photos by Tim Scott