1907 Mercedes 75 PS Spider

Owner: Mercedes-Benz Classic Hosted by: Henry Poole

Unveiled in late 1906, the Mercedes 75 PS was Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s first production car with a six-cylinder engine. Made up of three pairs of cast cylinders, its in-line powerplant had a displacement of 10.2 litres. The top Mercedes model from 1907 until 1911, it was available with various bodies. The two-seater Spider underlined the sporty looks of this high-performance automobile.

In 1909, the name of the top-of-the-range model was changed to Mercedes 39/80 PS. This corresponded to the actual output of 59kW (80hp), and followed an agreement between German automotive manufacturers: the luxury tax on automobiles was introduced on July 1, 1906 with the intention of enabling prospective buyers to identify the tax category, which was based on engine size, by the model designation.

For four-stroke engines, one ‘tax PS (hp)’ corresponded to a displacement of 261.8cc, meaning the 10.2-litre engine had 39 tax hp. In 1911, DMG reverted to the four-cylinder engine, including in the top segment, with the Mercedes 37/90 PS. It was not until 1914 that another Mercedes six-cylinder model, the 28/95 PS, made its debut.


Power: 80bhp | Top speed: 59mph | 0-60mph: N/A