Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera brings Italian exoticism to the heart of London

Say hello to the stunning Arese RH95 – the latest in a long line of four-wheeled art from Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Long known for its collaborations with British luxury cars – the classic shapes of the Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6, plus the Jensen Interceptor, Touring has forged a reputation for refined, muscular elegance and this car, the Arese, pays tribute to its Milanese origins. However, Touring doesn’t really see it as a car – more an experience, one that allows you to build the car of your dreams, to your own specifications, with the help of the firm’s team of dedicated artisans. Now Concours on Savile Row gives you the chance to see the car up close and personal, in association with host tailor Cad & The Dandy, between May 22 and 23.

The Arese RH95 is the latest in its ‘AERO’ range, which began with the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione-based Disco Volante model, and followed by the Ferrari F12-based AERO 3 more recently. The Arese RH95 is Touring’s first mid-engined car, and uses either the Ferrari 488 as its base – which means that a twin-turbocharged V8 can deliver 670bhp at 8000rpm, with thumping torque of 760Nm at around 3000rpm. As a result the car is blisteringly quick – it can accelerate to 60mph in just three seconds before blasting past 124mph just four-and-a-half seconds later.

However, this car is more than mere performance figures – each one is a handcrafted tribute to the true golden era of supercars, a time before the streets were filled with supercars. The Arese RH95 is pure exotica, with just 18 of these cars ever to be built. Each one takes six months to build, with the customer involved every step of the way in terms of specification and finish – each one is truly a bespoke hypercar.

This particular example is proof of that – called the Grigio Artico, it is the latest refinement of the RH95 breed that allows for a wide range of customisation
options, allowing the customer to tailor every aspect to create a truly personalised masterpiece. From interior finishes to performance enhancements, anything is possible, with the carbon fibre body a canvas for your heart’s desires.

Touring Superleggera describes the RH95 Arese experience as “like traversing the wintry arctic, with each journey becoming an unforgettable adventure. Its powerful engine and advanced suspension replicate the grace and strength of the arctic natural beauty.” The mixture of Grigio Artico paintwork evokes serenity and sophistication, reflecting the Arctic sky, while the Verde Vipera accents symbolise harmony and growth, reminiscent of lush forests and landscapes yet also the vivid colours of the Northern Lights.

The Arese RH95 is a rare sight everywhere, a car for the truly independent of mind and strong of will, much like the fans of the car’s host tailor – Cad & The Dandy. Founded in 2008 by James Sleater and Ian Meiers, two men with an unwavering passion for tailoring and a shared desire to see the suit restored to life outside the corporate boardroom, Cad & The Dandy has developed a sleeker, softer, more modern house style that enables its suits to be truly made bespoke to each customer’s wishes rather than dictating a single house cut – a new generation of tailors serving a new generation of gentlemen.

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