Aranyani – a handbag for life, inspired by nature

Aranyani, a Concours on Savile Row partner, is more than a luxury handbag brand. Inspired by nature and hand-crafted by tradition, Aranyani creates wearable pieces of art that will stand the test of time – quality-driven rather than trend-driven.

Aranyani is a symbol of exquisite craftsmanship, heritage artistry, creativity and luxury; preserving and breathing a new lease of life into ancient craftsmanship techniques is integral to its sustainability efforts, safeguarding cultural heritage.

Through dedicated research and years of effort, it achieved 24ct gold gilding on supple leather. Aranyani’s artisans meticulously gild gold on luxury handbags to draw out negative energy. Aranyani is proud to be the world’s only handbag brand that utilises an ancient technique – which remains a closely guarded secret. Its embroiderers and painters create each one-of-a-kind Kesuda design, in the spirit of this flower’s exquisite beauty. 

Meticulous craftsmanship makes this floral design come to life, with over 1000 hand-stitches showcasing distinct embroidery techniques. In the meantime, the leather collection boasts luxury hand-tucked smocking.

What sets Aranyani apart is its dedication to transparency: each bag has a unique QR code, allowing you to discover which artist is behind the masterpiece. Aranyani handbags are made from the highest-quality Italian leathers, repurposed from the meat industry’s discarded skins. Hides are sourced only from tanneries with advanced waste-water detoxification as well as recycling processes.

An Aranyani bag is the perfect heirloom, with each design produced in limited quantities. The specialists at the brand’s Mayfair boutique provide a luxury in-store shopping experience that offers a bespoke design service.

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