All-electric CALLUM SKYE makes its debut at 2024 Concours on Savile Row


Gentle morning rain failed to put a damper on the excitement surrounding the reveal of CALLUM’s all-electric SKYE on the first day of Concours on Savile Row 2024. Company founder Ian Callum was on hand to introduce the newcomer – and despite being directly responsible for decades of new car launches, he’s clearly lost none of his enthusiasm for the business of car design.

The SKYE’s bold, progressive and attractive exterior bodywork envelops a restrained, refined cabin that features a large central touchscreen and a sleek vertical bridge housing three rotary touchscreen dials. Designed as 2+2, its rear bench is removable, creating a configurable storage area that is accessed via a hinged tailgate. All fabulous stuff – but it’s the exterior that’ll turn the most heads. 

From every angle, the SKYE looks as planted and capable as a Dakar special – and this is not even the expected jacked-up, knobbly-tyred off-road version. Sure, this is still a pre-production concept, and as CALLUM head of design Aleck Jones points out: “Design changes, such as mudguards, will be driven by as yet undecided production numbers.”

The SKYE promises to offer an exhilarating and rewarding driving experience both on- and off-road. Shortly after the launch, attendees witnessed an element of the design process first-hand as an early quarter-scale CALLUM SKYE clay model was being expertly shaped in a demonstration of craftsmanship befitting its event pairing with tailor Edward Sexton.

CALLUM says the SKYE has been “crafted to ensure the utmost capability, refinement and beauty for discerning adventurers”. That’s a pretty well defined niche, but then the fledgling company clearly doesn’t need to chase huge volumes anyway. 

It’s debatable how adventurous SKYE buyers will be, considering the car’s anticipated range of 170 miles from its 42kWh battery. Ultra-fast charging – full recharge in ten minutes – is an option. Measuring just over 4m in length and 1.9m in width, and weighing a mere 1150kg, the model is projected to offer a 0-60mph acceleration time of under four seconds. 

The recipe proved demonstrably popular with Concours on Savile Row attendees, as CALLUM announced double-digit orders had been placed by the conclusion of the event. To read more or place an order, click here.